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         Our used car warranty policy

It is important to us that clients have the reassurance they need when buying one of our used cars.

Firstly reassurance should come from who you are buying from. In our case we own the cars we sell and this is reassuring because if we think it’s good enough to invest in there is confidence in that alone for you the buyer. Secondly the effort in preparation prior to delivery. This is our chance to make good anything that is not up to scratch.Clients do not always realise but after sales works both ways, your new car is our responsibility, reputation and our pride.

It is the correct way of cunducting business to spend money now rather than later on your new car. This means you know we have done everything possible to ensure your car leaves us in the best possible condition and the chance of having a problem in the future is minimal.

Thirdly as a result of our thorough preperation we have excellent relationships with our warranty company, this has been developed over years of business. They know how good our standards are and the depth of preparation we strive to achieve, this has resulted in a low number of claims and therefore a strong business relationship. Our warranties can be used with manufacturers.

If you already own an Aston Martin and you would like to buy a warranty for your car we can arrange this for you. We will need to inspect your car of course but providing this is satisfactory we can issue your car with a new policy from our supplier.

Warranty For Your Used Aston Martin
Please note. If you own an Aston Martin and wish to buy a warranty for your car we can help. Following an inspection by our service department we can buy a warranty for you. Please speak to Paul in our service department for more details regarding the policy on offer and the cost. Paul 01926691000



Can we finance your car?


Today it is more important than ever to find the right company to finance your car. In todays market we have excellent relationships with key people who are prepared to finance our special cars. The market has changed so much over the last five years that today different finance companies will offer different agreements on different age cars. We have direct relationships with these finance companies who are willing to help. It is important to discuss in detail exactly what your needs are and match them accordingly.

Please call us or E-Mail to discuss your application.

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